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ELISEO PARRA releases his long-awaited album EL MAN SUR and announces tour

Next March 20, the long-awaited album of Eliseo Parra EL MAN SUR will be available.

I present you a new album that aims to honor my Andalusian ancestry.

With the title of EL MAN SUR, I am playing with words and their meanings again; the man from the South? Why not? but also the leader who gave much war to Christians back in the 10th century and that we know as Almanzor, name with which is called the highest peak of the Central System, drawn on the cover.

Musically speaking, you will find genres that will sound familiar to flamenco: fandangos, rondeñas, guajiras, bulerías, alegrías... but which belong to the music of oral tradition and those the flamenco comes from.

Besides, there is music from the North, some own compositions and a Portuguese song. There are traditional texts of Lope de Vega, Lorca, of an Andalusian colleague, J.M. Labrador and some of my own contributions.

The musicians, as always, have been those of my regular band: Eduardo Laguillo, Josete Ordóñez, Xavi Lozano, Guillem Aguilar, Aleix Tobias and Pablo Martin, as a well as a few guests:

Kepa Junkera, Diego Galaz, Roqui Albero, Luismi Novas, David Torrico y Las Piojas.

I hope and wish that these songs bring joy to your life fulfilling the most important function that, for me, music has, to serve as therapy for the spirit.

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